EXHAUSTED TEACHING 30+ CLASSES A WEEK getting paid a minimum??

Not being generously rewarded for your passion as a dancer is frustrating, tiring and demotivating.  

Getting paid for performances is your reward for your hard work and it is your right. Nothing justifies doing a FREE jobs. 

Dancing along side of Lady Gaga wont pay your bills, nor guarantee paid jobs in the feature. FACT!

Your job as a dancer is a mission, a career path you chose and the only way to sustain it through 

getting FINANCIALLY rewarded for it well. 

Your dance is not just a dance but it is your VOICE through movement. Your work is more important then ever before.


‘If everyone was dancing there would be no war in the world”

Your magic is also in the healing energy of who you are. 

Activate your personal power to get financially rewarded to dance more, inspire more, create more. 

The world needs your gifts! But how long can you do it without being  financially well rewarded? 

How many FREE shows you have to do before you start earning? 

Teaching empty classes is not fun either.

Taking up 30 cover and gym classes to earn a basic is only killing your body.

 Injuries after injuries show up and fast recovery treatments cost a fortune but that’s the only way to get back on feet. 

Your bills are suffocating you but your strong calling pursuing your dream is always a priority. Nothing can break you.

How can you sustain this? You can’t. Not like this.

Your passion and dreams are bigger then life but the struggle that comes with it makes you do things you don't want to most of the times.

What would it mean for you if you could just turn your dance, your passion into a real business!

In fact you deserve to get paid generously.

I totally see you and feel you. I have been there. And I too struggled at the beginning. But I told to myself:

 if my calling is so strong and real it must be a reason.

 One day I woke up and I decided to DANCE MY WAY  to success. 

25 years in the dance biz I’ve seen it all. I experienced it all around me.


I built my dance company from scratch, I went from one student (my friend I begged to join so I don’t look stupid)  to packed classes, my workshops, courses being fully booked, winning every audition I turned up to, busy performing every weekend and working with private clients daily. 

With doing what I love I also could contribute to many charity projects and created events to raise money for where it is needed the most. 

What did I do differently then most dancers in my field? I changed my mindset, my approach and my beliefs, I turned blind eye to my critics, dedicating my energy fully to my mission.  My energetics has shifted, success followed success turning my passion into a profitable business, winning many awards, competitions, coached  celebrities.

Today I am professional, certified mindset coach working with women from all over the world, helping them to live their dreams and feeling confident in their ways. 

 I feel it is my obligation as a former dance professional to share my wisdom, energetic business approach and story with you so you can create and live your dreams too. I know you can. You can too create wealth and abundance doing exactly what you love the most: DANCE. And it is absolutely possible. 

You deserve it!

I decided to share my energetic blueprint, strategies with you because I believe this is the missing piece from the equation for many dancers out there. 

You don’t need to hustle and struggle anymore. There is a way. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 16.21.45

Your success as a dancer is 20% in your physical skills while 80% 

is in your mindset and energetics. 

It is easier then you think but nobody is teaching us those principles. 

 I was also programmed into the old paradigm such:

  • * Dancers don’t make money
  • * Dance is just a hobby
  • * Dancer’s career ends at a young age and then what?
  • * You will never earn a decent living
  • * You have to be famous to make money
  • * You have to have an impressive portfolio to make money
  • * You have to do XYZ amount of FREE shows before you get paid
  • * You have to be well known before you start earning
  • You have to train with big names
  • You have to be born in the country of origin to be good at what you are doing
  • You need a good agent
  • You have to be a certain size, shape and color
  • You have to have min 42K followers on insta ….What else do you believe you need?


I didn't have any of those


Yet, I succeeded earning a fantastic living, had freedom, being financially independent, also became a mum of 2 on the journey, continued to rise doing what I loved the most. I want to give back. There are dancers out there who came out from my teachings today running their own successful dance businesses. 

 I owe it to the next generation of beautiful souls, HEALERS, you dancers. The world needs your gifts more then you can imagine. 

And you MUST earn a decent living too so you can carry on rising in your mission without having to stress about your next income. 


Here is my gift for you. I am going to guide you through my blueprint in just 5 weeks course to help you unlock your limitless potentials to become the next success story in your field earning your living you deserve.  


( Just enter “MAGNET at the check out to claim your discount code. 

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The value is £495
which I reduced to £149 to help you on your journey

If you register before the 31 MARCH you ONLY PAY

( Just enter "MAGNET" at the check out to claim your discount code. 

Only available till the 31 March and after that the price will double up)


12-19-26 April

3-10 May

(Tuesdays 1pm UK time)

online on zoom and live in a private FB GROUP.

replay will be available. You can watch any time.

Life time access to materials and

worksheets will be available too.


What will you learn?

1.  The importance of your YOUNIQNESS in the dance world

2.  How to unleash your confidence, trust and your energetic code to strive financially

3.  Understanding your clients needs vs your needs so you can always keep selling your services with ease.

4.  Gaining clarity in your why, what and how

5.  Selling your classes, workshops, courses, shows with ease and alignment

6.  How to position  yourself in the industry to attract  soul aligned paying clients

7.  How to retain sustainable growth without burning out and giving up on your dreams


If it resonates and you are ready to dance your way to success, jump in and I’ll see you on the other side.  


Lots of love, Monika xox