Helping women reclaiming their true self to find fulfillment & happiness. 

Hello Beautiful!


“Why can’t I get what I want?” 

“Why is this always happening to me?”

” Let’s just face it, it is not meant to be for me”

“I worked so hard all my life, I have all the qualifications, I am an independent, intelligent woman and no man seem to be able to handle it”

“I am sick and tired of feeling that nothing is ever enough” 

” I have no energy to carry on..”

” I lost my feeling for him, I have no more energy to carry on and I want to leave…”

” I am a strong, independent woman. No man can handle me. “

” I always attract toxic relationships so I rather stay alone then going onto another dating app..”

” I don’t know what I want and feeling stuck is draining me”

” I hate my job but not knowing what to do next is killing me…”

” I am doing so much but it is never enough….”

Does this resonate too??

 You see, it is never about doing too much but doing too little of what we love doing. So…Are you doing what you love? am 



My name is Monika Molnar and I am here to help women like you, who had ENOUGH!!! who  feel stuck and lost and don’t just accept their circumstances and ready to raise but don’t know how. 

Thank you for stopping by. Are you here because:

– you are curious about what I do, 

– you are ready for a change in life

– you had enough of feeling not enough standing in your way

– you can’t tolerate your stuckness anymore

– you know in every cell of your body that you deserve more – just no idea how?

– you are ready to say ENOUGH!!! to playing small

– you are ready to say NO MORE to those toxic relationship

– you had enough of your dead end, soul killing job and want to find your true purpose in life?

 I feel you. 

Girl, we need to talk. But first let’s see if you are ready for me……

The body and mind can not be separated. is a clear mirror of our default subconscious mindset. That's why I work with both: physiology and mindset.

Meet your Coach, Monika

I am a full time FEMININE CONFIDENCE coach through mindset and dance, helping women just like you to find courage to do what they want! To be who they meant to be and have what they choose to have.  work with 3 powerful tools:


Trained as a strategic intervention life coach at RMT- Tony Robbins Coaching Institute, my approach comes from life time of experiences, skills, laser focused, direct from the place of pure love and desire to help my clients.  

I am also a  

I am a multi – award winner celebrity dance coach, creator of LATIN JAZZ dance styles, a designer and founder of global clothing brand, SAMBAWAMBA choreographer, European samba champion, qualified yoga teacher, certified aromatherapist, holistic wellness mama and

I am a happy wife, a busy mum of 2 and a woman who lives life with passion & purpose and want to share her wisdom with the world. 

I have decades of experiences working with  women from all over the globe helping them to reconnect with their feminine powers to achieve true fulfillment in their career and relationships.

I'll tell you what!

Why don’t you go ahead and book in a  FREE 1-2-1 session with me to find out few of my basic tips you can start with towards rising again.