Unleash Your Inner Goddess!

I mentor women  to align with their inner calling, step in to their Divine Feminine to become unstoppable to live the life they want

Worrying what others are thinking of you is holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

Sick and tired of self- doubt holding you back?

Overthinking is in your way from achieving your full potentials? 

Had enough of not being appreciated for your efforts, talents, skills,experiences? 

Struggling finding Mr Right?

You have those huge callings, desires but there are those voices whispering in your ears: “You can’t do it! Forget it! Definitely not now! You can’t afford it! You are not qualified enough! It’s not perfect yet! They gonna laugh at you! You gonna loose everything!….” 

You are in the right place, girl!

My name is Monika Molnar and I am here to help women like you, who don’t just accept their circumstances but ready to raise beyond measures, unlock their happiness by tapping into their true nature as feminine beings and start living life aligned with their true purpose.  When we can do that everything around us will align. 

BTW, well done for achieving everything you had to:  independence, career, buying powers, have multiple degrees, becoming the top on the career ladder – you learnt the survival skills well in the masculine world. 

But do you truly feel aligned? You are here, because something major is missing from your life and you are on the edge of burn out, being stuck and probably had enough of the old narrative. And more likely this is also reflecting your relationship. How is your intimate relationship? 

Aha!!!….Lady, you are totally in the right place and we need to talk.

Stuckness, burn out, frustration in life, struggling with relationships, chronic unhappiness, questioning yourself, anxiety are the main signals of being disconnected from our feminine energies. We have been operating way too much in the masculine dominant energetic world which has impacted women all over the globe leading to full burn out bu age of 40-45 questioning themselves, being detached from their feminine energies, their true purpose, leading to depression, anxiety, stress and their mental, physical wellbeing and relationships being compromised. 

Unless you had an old school grandma like me, who kept pointing out the importance of being in tune with my feminine power and how to nurture it well, probably you have never ever been taught about this important aspect and secret of life. FEMININE ENERGY is where your true FEMININE confidence starts. Self love, self care, your inner power as a woman. And no, it is not in your miss KNOWING IT ALL, being like a man, competing with them, showing them how powerful, strong and independent you are. Not even in your heels and lipstick or your corporate style image. 

Your true Feminine confidence will activate when you align with your true feminine essence, your authentic you that shines from within and attracts like a magnet without you having to do all the doing. 

Your are meant for more

Stop wasting time hoping for a change.
Be that change.
Create that change.

Meet your Coach, Monika

I am a former multi – award winner celebrity dance coach, creator of LATIN JAZZ dance styles, a designer and founder of SAMBAWAMBA clothing brand, choreographer, European samba champion, qualified yoga teacher, certified aromatherapist, holistic wellness mama and a full time strategic intervention life coach trained at RMT- Tony Robbins Coaching Institute, helping women to align with their soul calling to dare to live their dreams.

I am a happy wife, a busy mum of 2 and a woman who lives life with passion & purpose. 

I have 2 decades of experiences working with  women from all over the globe helping them to reconnect with their feminine powers to achieve true fulfillment in their career and relationships.

I would love to help you too.  

I'll tell you what!

Why don’t you go ahead and book in a  FREE 1-2-1 session with me to find out few of my basic tips you can start with towards rising again.