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Monika Molnar

Holistic dance, wellness & Feminine Energy Life Coach 

             Mum, wife, entrepreneur, living life with passion and following her calling. 


Who I am and how it all happened...

Slovakian born Hungarian, living in UK, Brazilian samba master, married to an English born  Kashmiri/Pakistani, mama of 2, with a passion for her mission and purpose. 

Decades of experiences serving women from all areas of life to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s through dance; holistic wellness, coaching or mentoring. 

  • She is a certified life coach at RMT – with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, 
  • (certified Yoga instructor and aromatherapist, a Latin and Samba champion, award winner, celebrity dance coach and mentor)

She comes from a technical ballroom/Latin dance background, trained and competed in Latin American dance from an early age up until her final years at University. 

After receiving her master degree in economics and finance, it was time to say good buy to her teenage love-affair with dance: “DANCE IS NOT A CAREER”, so it is time to be serious about the professional corporate career world. 

" I've got a UNIVERSITY DEGREE IN FINANCE AND POLITICS. I am not sure whether to be proud or to laugh about it today"

“Let’s just say I did what I had to do, what I was told to do. I was expected to study medicine to follow family traditions, instead I chose the easiest option of UNIVERSITY so I can follow my dream while I was also making everyone else happy.” After her graduation she moved to London for 1 year study and work where MAGIC happened!  She was randomly discovered at one of London’s salsa clubs and she said yes to her very first offer she received to coach dancers in her elegant, polished Latin style, choreograph shows and perform. Her logical mind was saying: ARE YOU CRAZY????  But the spark in her heart went into flames and she followed her calling. Ofcourse the journey was not always sparks and glam. 

And that is how it all started…. 

Monika Molnar, founder of a multi award winner DANCEMYWAY dance company, dance teacher, choreographer, celebrity dance coach, designer, pioneer and creator of Latin Dance Workout which also featured on Discovery Channel and became popular in most LONDON gym chains. (before ZUMBA came along)  From there she created her signature Latin Jazz style-became a global hit in the dance industry opening doors to SOLO Latin for women and that kicked off an avalanche off clients, students due to its unique method into feminine energy activation. It became one of the most popular dance classes at PINEAPPLE dance studios and becoming fully booked with 1-2-1 clients from all over the world, including many celebrities. 

Our physiology and the way we move is a mirror of our soul and mindset.
"hips don't lie"
Dance for me for a minute and I will tell you who you are and
what your subconscious beliefs are.

 Few decades into her full time working in dance industry,  choreographing, performing on world stages, working with celebrities, teaching on many national and international events, TV,  congresses, workshops, her DVD dance tutorial programs being released –

 the narrative of DANCE not being a career has proven to be a BIG fat BS. 

 Her style was different, unique and in demand for many years.  Her skills to recognize mindset patterns mirrored in  movement both in couple dance and solo was one of her unique skills.  She worked with over 700 couples privately, over 1000 women globally. 

Her work expanded into a much higher and meaningful level. Her mission and purpose became clear. To help women to unleash their inner Goddesses through connecting with their body and mind through samba and Latin fusion. 

 And her holistic signature dance style was born:

Divine Feminine Energy Activation through sensual samba and Latin fusion – expression, freedom of creativity and energetic flow.  – FEMERGY DANCE. 

” Samba is a universal language of suffering and letting go. It is also a celebration of freedom and connection with the Divine.” 

In her teachings, she likes guiding her students to their own creativities  bring the best out of their potentials.

She competed and taught at international congresses, workshops, events, performed and on world stages, organized annual Gala theatre shows and competitions, including the first 


I will not tell you what to do. I will show you how I do it, my perspective on it and I will empower you to find your own style. Then I will guide you to your own creativity so you can do it Your Way.

Her portfolio also includes:  coaching Cathy Guetta, coaching Romola Garai for her lead role in Havana Nights (Dirty Dancing 2 – Miramax Production), personal coach to Slavica Ecclestone, Dee Dee Wild and many other celebrities. She performed with her dance company on various corporate events, worked for ITV, BBC, CH4, many charity events, fashion show, worked with Will Smith, Omid Djalili, Trinny and Susannah, Kate Blanchet, Boy George, Ant & Deck, Rupert Everrett, Saif Ali Khan, choreographed for ZeeTV Award, Strictly Come Dancing, ITV and BBC, featured in Grazia magazine, Dance Today, MOVE IT, Asiana, worked with NIKE, presented and lectured in dance colleges and the list goes on. 

When she is not coaching, mentoring she loves making harem pants. She is the founder and designer of a holistic clothing label, SAMBAWAMBA Harem pants. 

She is also a passionate holistic wellness advocate of natural solutions, a certified YOGA teacher  and aromatherapist.

Nowadays she runs her master mind coaching & mentoring programmes helping women to energetically align with their purpose and find their courage to follow their dreams.



She also runs her monthly signature dance workshops to activate feminine energy: