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Monika Molnar

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"dare 2 B U"

There is a deep wisdom inside you.
You just need to access it. It takes courage.

Because there is also an aspect of us that is doing everything to protect us. It protects our identity, our beliefs, our model of life, everything that we’ve learnt about who we are and believed in.
It serves us to a certain degree. To keep us safe.

It called the EGO.

EGO = Externally Generated Opinion (we have adapted, that we innocently cling to and believe as our truth)

It is an incredible force to keep us safe and prevent us from anything that can harm us. It's main job is to protect our identity we created and believe about ourselves. It is preventing us from change.
It means well, however it also creates lots of havoc and suffering in our lives.

When you can't take suffering any longer and you feel stuck it is when it's time to stand up to it and confront it.

Provided you have the courage.

You'll finally come face to face with your attached beliefs that are holding you chained to your current reality.
Once those chains fall, you are free to live your authentic version of you.

This will result in:
fulfilled and loving relationships
Growth in your biz
Peace in your heart
Unconditional love
Gaining clarity
Finding your purpose
and living life with passion.

If you are ready and have the courage to face your BS, dare to question your EGO to uncover your TRUTH,

then let the INQUIRY begin.

Inquiry into the EGO in a quest for the deep wisdom within us -
"The Forbidden FRUIT" which we lost connection with.

When you RE-connect with you become UNSTOPPABLE to become the most amazing woman you know.

Everyone wants to achieve the best, to perform at their best, to feel at their best.
The moment we are ready to make those bold moves, the EGO steps in & we hesitate. We pull back. We believe the BS stories it is presenting to us again, and again, and again. It will do everything to keep us in our old beliefs.
and it does it such amazing way that we have almost no way to recognise it's game.
It takes a good dose of attention to discover it's tricks.
INQUIRY is the most powerful work we do which allows us to go deep, fast to the bottom of our BS stories we keep telling ourselves that is holding us back from what we desire and deserve.

This is journey is for those who are ready to meet their most amazing version of themselves and ready to live life with passion, growth and fulfilment.

Fulfilling relationships
growth in your business
discover passion in your life
be able to make bold moves
more fun in your life
aligned connections and friendships
happiness...and so much more

if you are ready to experience massive growth, get ready for deep work.


to high level performance from deep level of understanding

Private 1-2-1 sessions

pick your options:

12 weeks Inside Job


6 weeks Inside Job


1 single session Inside Job


each session is approx 90-120 minutes!

Once you picked your options and after processing payment, please email me to arrange your session to