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Monika Molnar

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just a few of my happy clients

What do they have to say about working with me:

Ivana H.
Ivana H.
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The work with Monika is very deep, precise and transformative. The speed with which Moni goes to the core is fascinating, absolutely overwhelming to our ordinary thinking, but which is also the first step towards rapid change. I cleared up BS very quickly about relationships, about whether or not I am enough, where and with whom I am actually fighting, who is hurting whom and why, what I am guilty of and which responsibility belongs to me and which does not. If whatever you're doing isn't enough; if you don't have power over your life; if you're on your own; if you want to break through but aren't succeeding; if, even though you're trying your best in a relationship, you're not happy; the job you're in isn't fulfilling; you're longing to finally do something more than just be a mom; or something else is bothering you or not letting you sleep in peace, you're in the right place with Mona. What makes working with her unique? I would compare her to Mother Nature. Beautiful, truthful, full of love, yet unapologetic. She won't pamper you with sweet talks, she will put you straight in front of the mirror, and when that "expected" change in your life comes she will lovingly hold space for you carrying you through to grow into a better version of you. This work is for the brave, but it is available to all who truly want the change. I wish from the bottom of my heart that such work is taught in schools one day, because it gives life meaning.
Helena D.
Helena D.Chartered Accountant
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Monika first attracted me with her very unique energy that she radiates with. She can be very uncompromising, but also sensitive. I have the feeling that she is never average, always on the edge. She has a deep wisdom and experiences as if she has lived many lives. Monika sees into you and can assess you like no one else can. You just can't fool her with any talks. Monika makes you look deep inside yourself, brings you back to your roots, breaks you down into pieces, which you then put together like a beautiful mosaic, piece by piece, so that each piece fits in the right place. Monika taught me to question everything on the one hand, but to surrender with trust on the other. To believe in the good of all people and, above all, to believe in yourself. And for that I thank her very much.
Pavla H.
Pavla H.
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Coaching with Monika was the best decision of my life and the money invested in it was my best investment in my self-development. But I know that the second half of the course will be just as intense and transformational as the first. Monika Molnar is a coach who doesn't stop halfway, and for her the only possible conclusion from coaching is to uncover all that is hidden behind the problems and suffering in our lives. The format of the Inquiry course was devised by Monika to make the most of all her coaching talents. The small group size allows for very intensive work by each woman. And through the depth of our life stories, the understanding and willingness to make changes in our lives is activated quite naturally. We all gradually understand the origins of our suffering, put away dysfunctional thoughts, and use our abilities to create the reality we desire to live. What I cherish most is the confidential environment in which I could trust and the real change that I am now beginning to live. For all the women who are experiencing hardship, grief or other suffering in their lives, I wish with all my heart that you take the courage to step in so you can also take leadership in your own life again. I recommend coaching with Monika Molnar as the best possible stepping stone.
Marcela V.
Marcela V.Lawyer
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In the INQUIRY course Monika conveyed herself, her essence, which is unconditional love, boundless energy, passion for life, joy of what is. I was now in retreat for a few days and had more space and more peace to look back and feel more deeply the impact that the work at Inquiry had on me. And it's just that what you were imparting is showing up more in my life and in my experience of life and everyday situations. I'm more solid in the sense that I'm much more out of my center... self-aware, the compulsive need to react and arrange and control has fallen away, I feel more safe and actually like I'm more aware of beauty, love, opportunities, and that's reflected in my relationships with other people where I feel a much deeper connection and like everything is happening on its own, with ease in love and respect, a kind of what they call flow. It's a wonderful feeling. I recommend working with Monika to anyone, any woman determined to know herself, her gifts and strengths and live a beautiful life. With love Marcela
When I saw Monika's videos about her coaching academy, I didn't hesitate a minute. I can tell for SURE, she changed my life. I still have lots to learn, but in just 3 months I have gained so much positivity and confidence. I look at the situations in my life differently, I understand more, why things happened, happening and how to change my approach towards them. How to handle situations effectively. How to be happy, free, love myself, follow my calling and reconnect with myself.
Alena Brnova

Veronika Chalupkova

Chakra Healing Therapist

Monika has something very special. She doesn’t play with words, she says exactly what is needed, not to loose her and my precious time. She helped me understand my illusion I was living in, understand myself and I was able to move forward from darkness after divorce. She pushed me to turn my excuses into real steps to build my own business during pandemic. I turned my hobby into a real business and today I earn money from what I love to do the most.
I needed to work on my confidence and self-love. I used to be very quiet. I used to ignore my intuition and often lost my integrity. Coaching with Monika changed everything. We came up with solutions, step by step plans and she helped me overcome self-doubt, heal and nourish myself from within.Today I’m master of creating my vision. I’m starting my own business and I also met the love of my life.

For me, Monika is a coach who has the courage to go to great depths. Her favourite word is "brutal". That word enhances her work immensely, empowering people and pushing them forward with the force of a rocket. She is not afraid to go to the root of the matter, she is not afraid of criticism from the client because she "knows" what it means. My journey with her has been very beneficial. The depth and genuinity of her work enables to discover the true essence of our Being. Monika has opened my eyes tremendously, in the broader context of my life.I understand things on a much deeper level, I gained understanding in how and why things happened, gained awareness to my actions and conscious thinking, and I understand how to work with my ego. With Monika's support I was really able to bridge the gap between thoughts and action.
daniela chovaneckova
Daniela Ch.
Palliative Care Nurse
Zuzka S.
Zuzka S.Numerologist
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There is so much that Monika has given me that it is impossible to put into words. Compared to other courses, which I always had trouble finishing with initial enthusiasm and energy, I devoured Monika's INQUIRY word by word and still do, repeatedly. Probably because it's actually a conversation with every single participant, where she goes deep into individual challenges.There are no unnecessary theories - pure practice and inquiry. Practice, experience and deep wisdom is what describes Monika the most. Sometimes I almost don't understand how quickly and accurately she can uncover the cause and get to the root. Always directly, but with enormous kindness. With her I learned SELF consciousness - in my thoughts, from all possible perspectives, on different levels. And I feel that this is the work I started with Monika and will continue to perfect throughout my life. I have come to understand that almost every problem or our limiting setting belief has its root cause in a lack of self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem. And I saw this repeatedly through the many life stories of the women who were in the course. But what is probably most valuable to me, as a mother, is that I am going deeper and deeper into that VALUE of being a mom. Monika's wisdom about the feminine essence has opened my eyes, and my children continue to give me evidence that this is indeed the truth. I definitely recommend her to all moms who feel unappreciated and stuck in motherhood. You will find selfworth and empowerment that your children will benefit from too. IF YOU WISH TO GAIN SELF EMPOWERMENT, DEFINITELY MONIKA IS YOUR BEST CHOICE TO SHATTER THE ILLUSIONS OF YOUR EGO.
I have been in self-development for almost 7 years, since my first daughter was born. I read books, articles and been through few online courses. Only recently I invested in a yearly online couching course and coaching where I met Monika. I've experienced coaching with few other coaches hoping to solved my issue with self-discipline and procrastination, but it was totally unsuccessful. When Monika's session came on I was immediately blown away by her coaching style and contacted her immediately. Started working together and her 10-weeks Inquiry gave me much more that I was looking for all those years of self-development. I had several 2-hours intensive sessions with Monika, where the depth surprised and shocked me. I felt anger, which then turned into relaxation and acceptance - of the situation, of myself, of the other person involved. Thanks to Monika, diametral shifts started happening in my life which also resulted in massive growth in my biz in a short time. Monika offered me a completely different perspective and view that I had not known until now. I recommend her support to anyone who wants to stop worrying and torturing themselves with their own thoughts and desires a deeper understanding of how the human mind works and wants to move to the next level.
Erika B.
doTerra Diamond leader
Although I am originally from Brazil, I never took samba no pe classes.  But in the past few months, I have been looking for videos of samba no pe or samba fusion classes and I came across some of your videos.  I also follow you on Instagram. I like your style and the way you use your feminine side with your body ondulations to embellish the dance. It was quite interesting to see how light you are on your feet moving with such ease and making it look like your are floating across the room effortlessly. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this class.
I always thought I had 2 left feet. But 3 lessons with You, Monika made me so confident on the dance floor and I realized that I actually can dance!
Simon and Julie

Hi Monika, I need to email you this so you know. Me and my fiance took some wedding lessons at......, where we needed to pay upfront for 10 lessons. We had a small taster class first which was fun, but when it actually came to the proper lesson we thought we would  never be able to learn this. We finished the 10 sessions and still had not learned anything. Then we made some calls and got in touch with you.  We could not believe how we only needed 3-4 lessons and you didn't even need the music upfront. to get ready. You were highly recommended and we gave it a try. This is fantastic! Your knowledge, your teaching skills, your personality the ability to understand how each individual works is fascinating. I don't think anyone out there can come close to what you do and how you do it. Well done and keep up the good work. I wish all the couples could reach you straight away before they waste their money somewhere else.
Ana and Louis
Monika's EWA academy is life changing. I gained clarity and focus. Her energetic and spiritual work in business is unique. I have ow so much confidence in my business strategies, pricing my services and achieving my goals. I couln't believe at first how much growth I had in such a short time. I started closing deals like never before even at a higher price point which I was not confident to do before.
Monika Boorova
I was working with Monika over few months as I was going through some painful separation and needed clarity. Monika helped me to understand where I was having my limiting beliefs that held me back from meeting my soulmate, why I was attracting relationships that don't serve me in any way and we worked on some deep wounds that helped me to heal. I feel so much lighter, have clarity in my purpose and gained healthy confidence in my full potentials. She is an amazing, compassionate, intuitive and straight forward coach
Ruky Sachak
Coaching with Monika has been AMAZING and I'm so glad I listened to my intuition that told me to work with her.I used to take dance classes from Monika so I knew her style and holistic approach already to dance which I loved and when she opened her EWA academy I stepped in instantly. I've learnt so much, including how to take responsibility for my own life. I had many huge AHA moments during the program. She has so much information and knowledge combined with her intuition to really help you. Don't hesitate for a second. I whole heartedly recommend her.
Elena Mercadante
Monika is an amazing teacher with great knowledge. Her methods are unique! She is strict and gentle in the same time. She really goes deep and doesn't miss a thing. Her skills are phenomenal. She is a next level of dance teacher. We took couple dance with her to learn our wedding dance which turned out to be so much more. We understood the connection between dancing and relationships which is fantastic way to dance together intuitively. We highly recommend her!
Marcelo and Jane
what Monika managed to create during our lessons goes above and beyond the words, I possess in my vocabulary. Monika's passion and love for dance are palpable, but what makes her lessons unique and spectacular is her love, kindness and genuine care for students. Here is my story about Monika and FEMERGYDANCE. For a long time, I have been looking for a dance teacher that could create a tailored programme for me to transform my physical and emotional blockages using my whole body, mind and soul. I always knew that movements are much more than a mechanical, physical activity, but I didn't have the necessary expertise to come up with a word to explain what I wanted. One day I received Monika's newsletter advertising FEMERGYDANCE, and I immediately thought: "this is it! This is exactly was I was looking for"; so I booked the course. When I approached this programme, my mental state and body were appalling. I felt trapped, in chains, ugly, unable to move, and incapable of feeling joy when dancing. Monika embraced my state with love, kindness and acceptance and guided me through one of the most beautiful journeys I have undertaken. Monika offered me 1-2-1 classes, which were the perfect fit for me, as I wanted to go deeper and be able to work on my struggles and openly share my vulnerabilities. We usually started with a warm-up then Monika would ask me to dance to a set of movements she had prepared for me. She used samba and salsa but also included many other movements that my body needed to connect with my mind and soul. Monika would watch me dance attentively but without being intrusive or staring. She will then stop me and ask me specific questions about my mental state or feeling as she could quickly identify my blockages through my movements. Sometimes, we also had long chats (coaching) that I needed to understand and then be able to let go of things that were causing me so much pain. After only six lessons, I managed to dance as if nobody were watching. I felt free and empowered; my movements were flawless, and I experienced profound joy. I also gained more self-esteem and the strength to face the challenging situation I was in. I learned so much about myself. I can now discern the things I can keep because they made me the beautiful soul I became and what I can let go of, as these things do not belong to me anymore. Monika, I can't thank you enough; what you did for me is far beyond what I expected. See you very soon, because I am coming back for another round!
Paola Da V.
We hired Monika for a couple dance we needed to learn for a private party. We wanted to impress our guests with some funky choreography but we were beginners. What impressed us the most how she was able to adapt her teaching to the situation and she knew what was needed to be done in a very short time to achieve the best result. What we didn't expect is some extra lifts which she managed to teach us. We felt like start from the Strictly Come dancing show. 5 star dance teacher. In fact we came back for more lessons after our party as we truly enjoyed her holistic approach and how she works with the relationship during dance. We felt like this was a relationship coaching while dancing too. Loved it.
Aisha and Matthew