Do I need to book for a drop in class?

No. You just turn up and pay your fee to the teacher, which is £7. If you are not a Pineapple member they will ask you to pay a daily membership fee too at the reception.

What do I wear to class?

There are no strict clothing rules but comfortable attire is recommended – clothes you can move and stretch in (i.e. no jeans). Recommended: leggings / tracksuits, comfortable dance wear. Please note I also design and make dancewear. Lots of our students love wearing my stylish hand painted tops, rhinestone decorated tops, and my unique wamba pants or even the printed leggings from my dance wear collection. You might even want to try the skirts for Latin Jazz. For more on my dancewear, please check out our SHOP or visit: www.SambaWamba.com

Footwear: we highly recommend the split sole practice jazz shoes with at least a bit of a heel. But anything that has a reasonable slip and grip will do. Remember we do many jumps, kicks, drops, twists, turns in our samba classes and Latin jazz too and soft, flat or very low heels are more suitable.

Do I need to be a Pineapple Dance Studios Member to join the classes and courses?

Yes. However, if you are not a member you can pay the daily membership fee at the reception. The fee is between £2 – £4 depending on a time or day you are attending a class. On exact fees and memberships please go to www.Pineapple.uk.com for more information.

Do you run classes anywhere else?

Most of our activities are run at Pineapple dance studios. It is always worth to have the membership as we are there on a daily bases and you will definitely make the most of it. We occasionally can run our workshops or a course elsewhere if we for some reasons there are no studios available at a time we need it.

Does Pineapple have changing rooms, showers?

Yes. There are shower facilities, but they don not have lockers. You are advised to take your belongings with you to the class.

Which facilities will I find at the studios?

Pineapple Dance Studios have both male and female changing rooms with toilets, showers with shower gel, mirrors and hairdryers. There is Free WiFi, a rest area and a café.

Can I watch the class before I decide to join?

Yes. However we advice you to watch from outside. There are windows on each door so you can observe the class. Not everyone is comfortable when people who are not taking the class are standing/sitting around and watching. But you are free to watch from outside.

Are there men in the classes too?

Yes. All our classes are open for both gender. However from our experiences the ratio of women : men is about 8:2. We can not guarantee a “ONLY LADIES” class or courses.

How long is each class?

1 hour, unless otherwise stated. (60 minutes)

Do you do taster classes?

We don’t do taster classes, you can drop in to any of our open classes and see what style we do and how we teach.

What will I learn on an intensive 5 week Beginners course?

You will only learn basics: We will give you the solid foundation of the dance with lots of practice in the course. We want you to leave the course being able to dance the basic steps and be able to join our drop in classes where we create and build more.

The course I want to join has already started – can I still enrol?

You are very welcome to join a course on week 1, 2, 3 (or sometimes 4) – however please note that if you join late in the term you will need to be prepared to catch up with the lessons you have missed. The cost of the course is the same (total fee).

I don’t want to perform. Can I still sign up to your performing courses?

Yes. However when we are working on formation where each dancer is holding a position, you will have to dance outside that group, in the back or on the side.

What happens if I am late to a class?

You will be allowed to join the class, but you will have missed the warm up so you should warm-up your body in the corner / corridor before following technique taught in class. This is important for injury prevention.

I am enrolled on a course, do I get a refund if I miss a class? And will I be ok to continue and catch up with the moves?

You should be OK to catch up at the next session as we repeat a lot in our classes. We do not offer refund or credits for any missing classes.

Do you offer classes for children?

Yes. However our classes are held in Wembley Park. We run 12 weeks courses for children age 5-12 on Saturdays 1:15pm. Children learn showdance skills, flexibility, choreographies and they perform too.

Do you offer private tuition?

Yes. Our private classes are held at Pineapple Studios where we hire the studios. You do not need to pay the Pineapple membership fee for that. Our fees for a private lesson in included the studio hire too, you just pick a time, day arrange with us. We do take payment upfront though to secure booking. Please note 24 hours cancelation fee applies and if you cancel, full fee is kept. Please note we are very busy and also have to pay for studios.

If we still haven’t answered your question yet, please do not hesitate to contact us.