essential oil class

Join us to learn about the power of essential oils


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for medical purposes, relaxation, skin care and many more.

Aromatherapy is becoming  popular due to the increasing need to return to nature and natural solutions. We live in a highly toxic environment  which effects our health, well being, hormones, fertility many times it is out of our control. However there is so much we can still do. “switch and ditch” can be one of the solutions – which means eliminating toxins, replacing commercial products full of toxic ingredients with 100% natural products.

 Cleaning products, toxic, hormone disruptive ingredients in our cosmetic, skin care products could be just few areas where pure, therapeutic grade essential oils step in.

Join me for my class and find out WHY every one should have these oils and why are these essential oils so beneficial to our wellness.


25 September, Saturday 5pm UK time



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