“FIND YOUR NICHE!” – is this what they told you too? 

And it is totally driving you crazy, right?


While trying so hard finding your NICHE  you in fact feeling more and more lost, confused, being a HOT mess, stuck and frustrated to the point that you are loosing your self – esteem and even starting to give up. Weeks, months, even years pass by and you are still trying to figure out



NICHing down can be the real evil for many of us women enterpreneurs. 

Women come to me daily asking : HOW CAN YOU DO IT ALL? and I say: what is stopping you from NOT doing it all?

Years working with talented, gifted,  passionate women I realized the one thing that is holding them back from expanding, growing, fulfillment is being stuck in figuring out WHAT THEY WANT. Aka – that ONE particular thing – 


Listen UP!!!!

Here is the great news!


and I tell you why and will break it down in my online TRAINING and after this you will never be confused again and you will love everything you do and fly in your business(es). 

YOU ARE A Women, a FEMALE entrepreneur, coach, healer, crazy mama, creative soul,  a cyclic, lunar, feminine being so no wonder why this NICHEing concept is driving you crazy!


It is so simple!! SO if you are struggling like I was for many years

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and you will never have to worry about your NICHING down again!


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I love what I do and I do what I love, but for many years I struggled with the need to NICHE DOWN. I was a dance teacher, choreographer, run my dance company for over 20 years, but I also loved designing and created a unique fashion brand – harem pants. I am also passionate about holistic life style and natural living, yoga and aromatherapy and I am also a LIFE COACH helping women living their dreams and find fulfillment.  So who am I? In reality that was not me struggling with my identity but because of others mental constructs about success is only created through NICHE being imposed upon me I started struggling with it, which then reflected back to my results. The moment I let go off this narrative of NICHING shift happened. 

And I hit a much faster growth, then ever before.

It is your energy that sells


It is not your product but your energy and the possibilities that attracts your clients to you.  You are a women with many gifts, multitalent, multi tasker, multi dimensional, Lunar cyclic being with constant changes and infinite potentials. NICHING is a construct of the masculine energetic world we had to adapt and buy in. While it works for some it doesn’t work for MANY. So what do we do? 

Join my webinar and you will never ever struggle with your NICHE. 


21 June, 1pm UK time TUESDAY

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Lots of love, Monika xox