Did you know that…?

  • Our hips store most of our emotions? Our upper body posture projects our level of self esteem?
    The way we move our arms reflects our freedom and control, and our feet tells a lot about our ability to moving forward in life?

  • The body & mind can not be separated. Our body  is a true mirror of our soul and the way we move reveals what is going on inside of our mind.

  • I’ve been working with body & mind connection through dance for over 20 years as a holistic dance coach, coaching  1000s of women in my career privately and in groups and I have observed some amazing patterns in the connection between physiology and mindset. The way we move our body is a reflection of our default energies. As holistic energetic beings our body is a manifestation of our souls and mindset.  We translate subconscious emotional patterns into our physical body and our body is a reflection of it. 
  • Burn out is never about doing too much but doing too little of what we love doing. Do you allow yourself taking time doing what you love doing? Or allowing your true being to be? Feminine energy is about expression, BEING rather then doing. Feeling rather then knowing. When was the last time you followed your true calling? Or trusted your inner guide? What is holding you back? 
  • We women are unstoppable when we allow our feminine energies to  shine. It is contagious, powerful, it feels at ease, in flow, it is expansive, nurturing and creative. 

Join me for my 5 weeks 1-2-1 course to connect with your body and HEART, tap into your feminine energy and activate your true self confidence – FEMERGY DANCE.

These are weekly sessions by arrangement. You are not only going to samba but you are also going to master your mindset.

Rhythm – “Rhythm comes first. Heart beat. The driving force that leads our lives. The direction, the energy, the flow. Without rhythm the heart wouldn’t beat.”

Your FLOW  is the manifestation of your emotion. It is the energy in motion.

Dance to express 

Dance to transform

Dance to let go

Dance to anchor

Dance to manifest

Dance to surround

Dance to live

Posture: Your body represents your belief system. Dance for me for a 30 seconds and I will tell you what’s going on in your mind. 

Did you know that 2 minutes of power posture daily for few weeks increases your confidence, testosterone, ability to take actions, clarity in decision making and your chances to achieve? Working on physiology helps to shift mindset.

Tight hips? Think of what is it you are holding on to? What is it so hard to let go off?

Samba is one of the best dance styles to work on LETTING GO.

Let's turn on our FEMININE

    • Unleash your inner Goddess through SAMBA and LATIN dancing! 

      Footwork, body work and empowering music to look forward to. We are letting go of the unwanted energy, getting rid of what was holding us back, tapping into our feminine energy and turning the power on.

    • In this course we will work towards a routine using different paced music to align with our feminine cyclic energy. We will use fast pace, drums and also lyrical, sensual rhythm to allow intuitive creative flow and help letting go process too.

    • We will work on turns, flow, creativity, footwork, activate areas to boost self-confidence, posture, expression through movement and so much more.

BOOK YOUR 1-2-1 sessions. 

Through this unique dance program we will be working on targeting your individual needs and through body moves and dance moves we will be activating your subconscious mind, removing emotional blocks, activating your chakras, empowering your soul aligned desires. It is a powerful BODY & HEART connection activation program.

You will learn and use dance moves inspired by samba and various Latin dance moves and by the end of these 5 sessions you will also master these steps and moves with ease. We will create an easy to follow routine for you to follow that will be always there for you when you need to reconnect with yourself and enjoy some dancing too. 


We are using breathwork, mindset tools. dance moves, meditations, visualizations and we also talk about personal challenges to speed up inner healing. 

This is the ultimate mindset shift training and feminine energy activation.

5 weeks course for beginners

£349 / 5 weeks

You will receive zoom link upon registration for each session.

Please contact ME to arrange times and dates of your weekly sessions. 


Let's turn on our FEMININE

  • Unleash the Goddess within through SAMBA and LATIN dancing! 

    Lots of footwork, body work and empowering music to look forward to. We are letting go of the unwanted energy, getting rid of what was holding us back and tapping into our feminine energy and turning our inner Queen on.

    “Inside all of us there is a power, called PASSION. When it is activated we become unstoppable”

    I use many different tools to wake up the Goddess within. 

    One of them is DANCE.

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