2 hours Rapid Activation

to connect with the most amazing woman inside you.

Feminine Confidence, the most attractive trait in a woman. It is that “unfair” advantage that puts you in the winning seat. 

Have you ever wondered what makes those women so attractive? What do they have you don’t?

They walk with confidence, their aura, their energy, there is something about them, that invisible force that radiates from them, yet on the outside they are nothing too special. 

It is in her energetic code which is projected from inside out through  her smile, her eyes, her presence, her style, her body language, her radiant feminine energy with her shining confidence, which helps her to win with ease. The healthy masculine energy intuitively picks up on it with deep desire to get to know her instantly. She doesn’t need to do anything. She doesn’t need to say much. She is effortless. Magnetic. Fully embodied in her own SELF. 

 She is the Queen, HE wants to serve for life. 

Did you know, that...

  • Our hips store most of our emotions? Our upper body posture projects our level of self esteem?
    The way we move our arms reflects our freedom and control, and our feet tells a lot about our ability to moving forward in life?
  • The body & mind can not be separated. Our body  is a true mirror of our soul and the way we move reveals what is going on inside of our mind.
  • The main domain of SAMBA are the hip moves. When we move our hips we release somatic blockages that we store in our body. Science knows that our hips store all emotional traumas, even from generations and by shaking our hips we can release those stored emotions. 
  •   Moving our hips is the most natural movement SPECIALLY FOR WOMEN. The whole of hip area, the womb space, the creator space, the nurturing space, the space of receiving, releasing and letting go. The most sacred energetic centre that has been underrated for centuries.
  • In nature animals shake their bodies from traumatic experiences to go back to homeostasis. Shaking is the fastest form of energy shift through motion that can dissolve low vibrational energies: control, rejection, judgment, anger, fear, sadness.
  • Restoring or natural feminine essence activates flow, creativity, clarity, trust, unconditional love, joy that leads to fulfillment. 

A glowing woman attracts everything & everyone she desires

Let’s be honest. When was the last time you chose yourself over others? 

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be and enjoy your being. When was the last time you trusted your inner guide to receive what you are worth.

When was the last time you have connected and said yes to your dreams?

When was the last time you moved your body, danced like noone is watching? Or took a little courage to take bold moves forward?

That freaking “not enoughness” and chronic self-doubt being in your way is killing you, right? yet deep inside YOU JUST KNOW!!! that you deserve more. So much more! But if you could just remove those voices of inner critic and self-doubt that has control over you…

Where could you be? Who  could you be with right now? Hands on heart!

  The truth is though, confidence is not something you have but something you build. 

You will blast through fear, overcome doubt, kick  your self esteem to the skies and you will take the world by storm, so when you show up, they pause and say: 


Your presence and energy will say it all. 

Can you picture that?

Walking into the room with CONFIDENCE and they can’t help but wondering 


Femergy Confidance

is my signature dance coaching method using my unique S.A.M.B.A. framework approach 

Soul   Activating   Mind   Body   Alignment.

    Designed to catapult your feminine confidence through the roof that will allow you to show up powerfully with grace and become a super manifestor.

NO more playing small, no more doubts, no more hiding, no more holding back. 

We go deep. We rise up high. We have fun. We dance. Through mindful moves to shift energies, to remove somatic blockages so we can connect with ease to our true self and expand to limitless possibilities. 



Femergy ConfiDance Workshop


Fee: £45

What are my clients saying..

Who am I?

Hi, I am Monika Molnar,  feminine confidence coach helping women taking courageous leaps towards their dreams.  I am a certified life coach at Tony Robbins/Madanas, certified Yoga teacher, aromatherapist, multiaward winner dance coach, samba champion,  mum, choreographer & dance, designer, enterpreneur, a rule breaker and just an ordinary woman who manifested extraordinary results in life simply because I learnt to believe in my limitless possibilities and  decided to claim what is already mine. I live life with purpose, passion, love and fulfillment. 

So can you…

Still hesitating? Please feel free to ask me any of your questions or book a clarity call to discover how can I support you the best.