6 month

to become the most amazing woman you know.

I hear you.....

The old narratives of transformational strategies and concepts are long past their expiry dates.
In the FEMININE ENERGETIC WORLD we know the secrets to shifting paradigms faster and more effectively. No wonder why Feminine Energy has been pushed away through generations. There is a true POWER in it.

 If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to shift into the unstoppable, most amazing version of yourself to fulfill your wildest dreams this is your opportunity.  

 Your feminine confidence has nothing to do with heals, lipstick, pencil skirts or suits, women in corporate leadership, skills and strategies, competition or hustling. These, my darling are survival skill women had to learn in the masculine world to claim their worth.  

Adapting to that world, becoming everything to everyone, doing the doing mentality is over. 

 You have probably followed many strategies and rules, that might have worked for a little while but nothing major happened. Your vision boards, S.M.A.R.T. goals, creating plan B and C has only taken you even more away from your true success, right?  

Well, that’s because the missing piece to your quantum results, achievements is in the code of your Feminine energetic DNA. 

Imagine if you could collapse time and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted with ease in literally no time.  

 Doing what you love, loving what you do, 

turning your passion into income, 

living in freedom, 

being in an intimate relationship you deserve,

allowing more creative time,

having more energy and never experience burn out again?


Because it is GREAT! 

If you are you sick and tired of playing small and not achieving your full potentials?

Being everything to everyone has only lead you to frustration, burn out and being stuck?

Here is the thing. Playing safe can takes as far as

 NOWHERE. Fact. But stepping up a gear is uncomfortable and feels unsafe, right? But you have a choice: 

1.You either carry on in your old way knowing about your suffering but hoping things will magically change? …or 

2. You take that uncomfortable action, honoring your desire and take that quantum leap. Because when you have a desire you take that action towards it. And the LAW of attraction is that the 


Your dreams are not random, girl. They are your callings. And not honoring them is doing you and the world a disservice. 

And yes, making that decision towards them is scary AF. Period. BUT….

Not making that step is only serving your EGO, you are robbing yourself from your opportunities and the world from your gifts.

Plus more the anything:  it RESULTS IN UNHAPPINESS, burn out and stuckness! Because if you don’t honor your higher self the UNIVERSE wont honor you either giving it to you. 

Being in your true, authentic self without any apology is the greatest act of courage. And the only way you can attract the greatest things you deserve. 

The world needs you lady! You are here to make an impact!!! You are here to SERVE with your DIVINE BEING and create MIRACLES. 



These were drummed into me :

Artist don’t make money. Dancing is not a career

“You must work tripple as hard as everyone else to prove yourself “

“All men cheat and drink and occasionally become violent too but you as a woman have to keep it all together”

“Please stop talking, nobody is gonna listen to you.”

” Your will never achieve anything as a dancer until you loose your big bum”

“That is the way it has always been, always is and always will be. Who do you think you are even think about it”

“Stop dreaming lady!”



 I was there. One toxic relationship after another. Being in a stressful corporate jobs with deadlines, running the rat race, burning out, no joy, no time, no motivation. But I was playing safe and followed what I was drummed into. Yet, I knew I was meant for more. I had a burning fire inside me dying to get out. I was always a sharp thinker, action taker, I was able to take things to the next level,  I could activate mountains, I could read between the lines and many times 10 steps ahead of the norm.  I knew I was meant for more and I can do more. 

But those voices inside me were so strong and many times were holding me back. The voices of the narrative…

 I knew I can have, do and be more! I felt it in every cell of my body I knew I deserve more and I was meant for more.  

One day I decided. SCREW IT!!!  ENOUGH. WHATEVER it takes! …

…In my early 20s I started my intensive self-development journey after my friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, given few month to live, while I also amongst many other traumatic childhood experiences I just had a massive painful break up, managed to escape from a planned marriage with a controlling multimillionair and his last words on the day of our break up were: 

“You are nobody without me!”  

   My dear friend and I decided to beat the odds and went onto an intensive self discovery healing our lives journey. 

 We decided to become unstoppable, being eachother’s coaches and support and we did create miracles. 

(She healed from cancer, found the love of her life, also had 2 kids,  and I also manifesting everything I’ve ever dreamed off: from a dream relationship to my dream career. Miracles followed miracles, beating the odds….) 

I learnt to master TRUST and courage! 

I become one of the most successful dance coaches, event organizer, fundraiser, choreographer, entrepreneur, winning world competitions, awards, taught on international event, conventiones, spoke on events, universities, worked with celebrities, helping 1000s of women trust their passion and follow their dreams, creating wealth and abundance. 

& On the top of it I’ve manifested my dream relationship, becoming a happy wife and a mum of 2.


Quitting your DREAMS is never an option. 

 There is only one thing to quit:

The “Different day same sh*t”  pattern and everything else that doesn’t serve your higher purpose that keeps you small.  

“OK, so what is the MAGIC FORMULA?”

Darling, there is no magic formula. 

You are the magic formula!


Your ENERGETIC code is your “magic formula”

and you will tap into it and work with it in EWA. 

 In this 6 month intensive course I put together my best strategies, experiences, tools I have learnt from my world class coaches and mentors that worked for me, combined with the newest methods to help you decode your energetic DNA, master your mindset and become the mastermind manifestor of everything you ever wanted.  

It is not a quick fix, however you might experience instant shifts immediately. 
It is a journey of BECOMING your true self that will help you achieve anything you desire. True loving relationship, Work that fulfills you? Abundance you dream of?
 And the best thing is that when you are fully aligned everything flows with ease. 
SOUND AMAZING, right? Because it is.   


During the 6 month you will discover your infinite potentials you probably never knew existed. You will see the world from a different lense, will align with your soul and probably lots of shit will show up too because when shift happens shit happens and those will have to leave in order for the REAL YOU to take place. 

You will master courage, gain clarity in your purpose. You will lead from a high level of self-worth that will inspire and empower many. 

You will turn your passion into a profitable business. 

Your relationships into love, passion & growth

This course has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to find true fulfillment and you will never look back.

Btw, ask any man in the world and they will tell you that the most attractive trait in a woman is her CONFIDENCE. (another good reason why you should join)

Choose COURAGE over fear. Choose GROWTH over comfort. 

Choose LOVE and PASSION! 


Let’s not waste any more time!

This is my invitation for you to join EWA

Extraordinary Women’s Academy


EWA is a 6 month Self mastery program for women who don't just accept their circumstances but are ready claim their worth.

You will deep-dive into how to

effectively manifest your vision and activate your FEMININE CONFIDENCE

recognize and address your limiting beliefs, HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD, deal with your saboteur

master your Divine FEMININE POWER

become the MIRACLE WOMAN: the MAGICIAN and the QUEEN in One

align and TRUST your SOUL CALLING

ANCHOR your VALUES & YOUnique STRENGTHS that will expand you beyond your limit

lead with your inner power with strong BOUNDARIES

master the secrets of fulfilling and long lasting intimate RELATIONSHIP or heal your broken existing one

ATTRACT WEALTH by crashing your money blocks

reignite your fire, feel the ENERGY buzzing through your veins feeling UNSTOPPABLE by default

wake up with CERTAINTY and feeling at EASE within you.

do it all with the AUTHENTIC VERSION of YOU, living life YOUR WAY with CONFIDENCE

take your BUSINESS to the next LEVEL, attracting SOUL ALIGNED clients with ease

have the unshakable, inspirational CONFIDENCE


The value of this course is £3495 for 6 month

DOORS ARE NOW CLOSED. To get notified when the next
ROUND opens please put your name on the waiting list.

This program is not for EVERYONE.


  • you are looking to join a community to vent and support you in feeling sorry for yourself, staying in the victim mode
  • you want to feel better about yourself and hoping to find someone who will do the work for you
  • you are not prepared to dig deep, not ready for a mess that will probably show up from time to time. This program is not scratching the surface but going deep and face the shit. Because when shift happens shit happens. 
  • you are looking for an easy way to your solution
  • you refuse to accept that ONLY you are responsible for your results and situation in life
  • you can’t make yourself a priority  


What will you get?


What are they saying..

Who am I?

Hi, I am Monika Molnar, a holistic feminine confidence energetic life coach helping women taking courageous leaps towards their dreams.  I am a certified life coach, mum, former choreographer & dance enterpreneur, a rule breaker and just an ordinary woman like you who manifested extraordinary results in life simply because I chose to be happy, live life with passion and fulfillment.