“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” – HIPPOCRATES

Essential oils are one of the best tools to shift emotional patterns & support our natural healing abilities

WHAT are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds found in plants or part of plants (bark, stem, seed, root, leaf, flower) that have amazing benefits for our physical , emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.  When we inhale essential oils the molecules enter the amigdala (that is responsible for the memory and emotional center in our brain) Scent plays a huge part in activating that center which helps to reduce tension, anxiety, shift subconscious programming that runs on autopilot affecting our daily lives. 

BUT!! Not all essential oils are created equal. Quality of essential oils matter as they can be potent support for healing and their chemical constituents matter more teh anything. majority of essential oils in the industry are copy, fake, substitute with lab created fragrances even if they are labeled 100% pure. ( this means nothing as there is not regulations in the global industry for labeling) Scents are very easy to fake and can be harmful.

Purity and quality can only be proven by many different testing. doTerra essential oils are so far the #1 in the aromatherapy world year in year out proven being the purest, cleanest and most effective. 

They are the real deal. A brand that can be trusted, backed by science.  

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